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the musion eFFECT

featuring amari


the breakdown


Musion /// An innovative exploration of movement through music and fashion.

Mission /// To provide an unconventional and immersive experience designed for the all around performer.

Concerned with the creative limitations of traditional programs, fashion brand, Psylence, and creative agency, InvadeAvision, collaborated to create something unique; An opportunity to explore the intersection between music, dance, and fashion.


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Having the success of working with fashion model, Shaun Ross, and developing artists such as Fifth Harmony member-turned-solo , Normani, (Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV), our hope is to inspire a new league of performers for today’s generation.

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b r e a k t h e m o l d

The Musion Effect unapologetically brings a 3 hour, non traditional learning environment to every class.  Embrace the destruction of conventional workshops & masterclasses.

  • no typical warmup 

  • no ordinary combination

  • no common playlist 



All participants should be prepared to break the mold, experience the undefined, and free their mind.

advanced-pro level/ commercial dance/hip hop/16+

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I n s t r u c t i o n b y

3 of music legend, Janet Jackson’s, collaborators during different eras of her career.

Featured Choreographer, Amari Marshall (Janet Jackson, Billboard Awards)

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Veteran Choreographer, Ed Moore (Janet Jackson, Usher, Aaliyah)

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Fashion Designer / Creative Director/ co founder, Tyce (Janet Jackson, Normani, Empire of the Sun)

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E n t e r m u s i o n

Welcome to the unique M U S I O N curriculum, executed only once and never taught the same again.

L I V E (Performance /5 mins)

Artists will enter the class atmosphere of unique production capturing Amari amidst clouds of smoke. Her extravagant fashion, and explosive choreography seamlessly sets the tone for the musion experience. It’s raw, personal, chic, and mystique.


F O C A L (Fitness + Vocal /20mins)

Deep beats, rhythms, and vocal exercises will be used to set the stage for this immersive warmup.


Artists will be challenged with unique vocal exercises combined with cardio movements to strengthen the body’s core. This will increase stamina while conditioning and pushing the body’s limitations to new heights. These techniques are part of the foundation to build the perfect triple threat.

M U S I O N (Choreography /60 mins)

This section will explore the synergy between fashion and dance, offering an original and inspired contribution to the study of both art forms through choreography.


A custom M U S I O N mix will be used during this portion.

P E R F O R M A N C E (individual and selected group/ 90 mins)

The culmination of the entire experience begins here. Where the intersection of music, fashion, and dance is in full effect. Taking the knowledge of the experience, each artist will deliver a solo performance while being filmed and later critiqued.

All artists will display their skills in a rotating group member audition to help cast the perfect selected group. Once selected, a specialized rack of custom fashion, provided by the Psylence, will be used to style each group member and enhance the overall performance and experience.

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Multi city tour / 35 person max / 3 - 4 hours / $299


Each artist will receive:

  • Solo photo

  • Solo visual

  • Group performance visual

  • Professional notes and recommendations

  • 50% discount on exclusive fashion


Video submissions featuring commercial style dance must be sent in to assess Artist placement. Footage can be pre-existing, or something put together specifically for this submission.

Exclusive Fashion

Artists will receive a 50% discount on exclusive merchandise - Amari x Psylence Capsule Collection

Class requirements

All Artists must bring designated theme clothing. Final theme will be revealed at least a week before the event date.