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Psy language

Shoot dates: June 24 (in studio) & 26 (on location)




When you find yourself listening 

to the sound of your breath…


I hope to leave you with optimism (yea)

as you exhale the insecurities... 

For I am strong but without true passion, 

I am nothing. (yea)

I look to you, to nourish the soul, as I create a lane for the blind and naive. 

I wait for your reassurance as you wait 

for mine so please 

try not to get lost in yourself. 

We are a team and can only be that with each other. 

So can you hear me 

without listening... 

Can you see me without looking 

Cause I need you to know you with out asking 



Ring of Fire


Tyce appears, hovering just above the ground in the distance. (Surrounded by red smoke bombs) 

The smoke represent the red flags through out Tyce’s journey...  continuously intensifying through out the video. Ultimately killing his creative spirit. 

Within the video my body will detach from itself forming another version of me... 


Perhaps the video can start in reverse, introducing the dramatic end before the angelic beginning.

Symbolic for the string of red flags and seismic activity that surrounds Tyce’s life.

The past version of Tyce (Brandon) is depicting the story through sign language, as Tyce presents himself reflects on the mistakes... (Naive to the red flags)

Amari - Water

Tyce is walking towards his future self (Talent by Amari who represents his water sign Cancer... (water signs are very fluid and constantly wavering. They swim back and forth between reality and their imaginations). She is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Her fashion Is an enigmatic exploration of color and flow. An expression of femininity through diaphanous silhouettes with soft patterning, and alluring body focus. 


inspiration video - Madonna frozen

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salton sea

2hrs and 30 mins drive